20 Most Promising Enterprise Content Management Solution Providers 2016

Today, most enterprises are faced with managing heavy flow of content at a fast pace on a daily basis. Creating, storing, editing and distributing content with accurate approval is not an easy task to achieve, unless the organization has adopted the best enterprise content management (ECM) solution based on its unique needs. Major forces driving this market include the need for content management across multiple platforms due to the substantial growth of e-commerce and social media along with necessary reduction of costs associated with content management for the sake of efficiency.

Company Name

Company Description

Alfresco Provides modern software built on open standards that unlocks the power of business-critical content
Athento Athento’s hosted document management enables users to deliver comprehensive projects at a lower cost and enhances user experience
DocLogix Provides an adaptable, configurable, document and business process management solution
HexaGroup HexaGroup develops content management systems for clients around the globe
INCATech Offers innovative solutions to the federal government in the areas of enterprise content management, software development, web development, and enterprise geospatial solutions
Jorsek LLC The publisher of easyDITA, an end-to-end solution for collaboratively authoring, managing, and publishing content using the DITA XML standard
Laserfiche Helps organizations to process and analyze documents to achieve business results
Lexmark International Helping enterprises manage content through delivering precise, powerful information within their core applications
M-Files Enterprise Information Management solutions to improve and simplify how businesses manage documents and other informations
MCC Innovations A provider of innovative solutions that transform paper-based processes into smart practices that improve efficiency, productivity, and organizational structure
Newgen Software Technologies Offering innovative technologies and solutions for enterprises digital transformation space across processes including content management
OpenText OpenText creates an integrated, enterprise-wide information grid that transforms personal productivity, process productivity, and control
SER Group Offering user-friendly document management solutions to make paperwork-heavy business processes more efficient, effective and economic
Siav Offers solutions in document and process management, digital preservation and digital signature, on cloud and SaaS services
Software Innovation Offering most modern records management systems enabling enterprises' documentation organized and under control
Systemware Provides ECM software solutions that captures, organizes, manages and delivers the exact information required by the client
Upland Software Provider of cloud-based Enterprise Work Management software
Wazee Digital Develops scalable solutions that provide complete control over content so that assets reach their rightful audiences around the globe
WebTek Consulting LLC Developer of innovative content management solutions designed to assist companies streamline their document access processes
Zorang Zorang is a complete ECM solution provider focusing on end to end integrated content solutions for digital experience and commerce