KnowledgeLake: Enhancing ECM Capabilities with Machine Learning

Ron Cameron, CEO
It is no news that data volumes are exploding and companies around the world have generated more information in the last two years than ever before. With applications such as Office 365 and Google Docs alongside content services platforms like SharePoint, OneDrive, and Box on the scene, managing data creation and storage have become a whole lot easier. However, despite these tools being available in the market, many enterprises are still drowning in a pool of raw data and unstructured content as they lack the means or knowledge to properly govern these systems or develop intelligent taxonomies. As a result of the lack of structure in the platforms and related content data, businesses are often unable to gain quick access to critical documents. Living in a data-driven era, companies need a solution that can help them overcome all their data and content management challenges to ensure their survival in a competitive business market, regardless of the industry. Enter KnowledgeLake, a transactional content services company that provides a full spectrum of offerings for cloud-based and on-premises imaging and content management solutions. “KnowledgeLake allows clients to extend the capabilities of their current content services platform such as SharePoint, OneDrive, and Box, to become a fully functional ECM system,” says Ron Cameron, CEO of KnowledgeLake.

The KnowledgeLake platform leverages its own machine learning intellectual property to ingest massive amounts of content from any application or device, classify the documents, extract the index tags and metadata automatically, and deliver it to a line of business and repository systems in a structured manner, based on preset governance rules. The software is based on open standards and allows customers to run the platform on top of an existing data management system or an ECM of their choice, leveraging all existing metadata and taxonomies (if available). Cameron further explains that clients will be able to find and retrieve documents more efficiently due to the platform controls it imposes, and even leverages its powerful machine learning tool to re-classify documents stored prior to implementation. This allows customers to reduce the time to find documents and cut down on the manpower needed throughout the document lifecycle.
After investing three years of development, the next generation of KnowledgeLake’s platform has successfully entered the beta testing phase with more than 60 customers using it and achieving exceptional results.

KnowledgeLake allows clients to extend the capabilities of their current content services platform such as SharePoint, OneDrive, and Box, to become a fully functional ECM system

Cameron highlights one instance where KnowledgeLake helped New Belgium Brewery, an independent craft beer company, which relied on paper-based documents and a manual process to organize and store the content. This unstructured process was difficult to maintain, time-consuming and tedious as employees had to spend an ample amount of time searching for specific documents. After deploying the KnowledgeLake platform, the brewery was able to scan paper documents to digital images then route the information to a centralized electronic repository. They were also able to cut the paper usage by 80 percent and reduce staff required to scan and file documents by 75 percent. “With the rapid access provided by KnowledgeLake, we can actually spend time and resources on improving and making our processes better than what they were before,” says Tye Eyden, collaboration analyst, New Belgium Brewery.

KnowledgeLake is geared up to launch the new platform and aims to leverage cutting-edge technologies such as AI and Robotic Process Automation in the near future.

Since its genesis in 1999, KnowledgeLake has successfully revolutionized the ECM marketplace with innovative document solutions and continues to deliver additional value to customers and partners. The firm recently hired Bob Fresneda, an industry veteran and the former President & SVP at ReadSoft, as the VP of sales and marketing to accelerate the company’s growth in the Transactional Content Management market for cloud technologies.


St. Louis, MO

Ron Cameron, CEO

The firm provides a full spectrum of transactional content management offerings, both cloud-based and on-premises imaging and content management solutions