HexaGroup: Client Customization to Increase Customer Loyalty

Arnaud Dasprez, CEO
Marketing organizations are turning to big data and creating customized enterprise solutions to increase purchase intent, heighten customer satisfaction, and enhance customer loyalty. To meet client challenges head on, the award-winning marketing communications agency HexaGroup harnesses the ongoing technological trends and looks outside the box to balance strategy consulting, marketing, content production, and technology expertise. Based in Houston, Texas, HexaGroup strives to meet the customized needs of its clients by offering a range of content management strategies, including website development, integrated marketing, consulting services, interactive design, mobile solutions, and technical services.

“When it comes to our initiatives, our work, and our services, a large part is built around bringing our clients tangible results using digital marketing,” says CEO Arnaud Dasprez, HexaGroup. “In essence, we are a digital marketing agency.”

HexaGroup’s integrated content management strategy is based on a thorough analysis of the client’s business objectives, HexaGroup’s strategic approach to marketing, and a set of KPIs driving the relationship. “We value customer service, we adapt to their needs, we hear what they want, and we advise them on how to reach our mutually agreed upon goals. So, it’s kind of this ongoing exchange with the client and a balance of not imposing,” adds Dasprez.

The company’s solutions are widely deployed around some core content management platforms such as Kentico EMS or Sitecore on the .NET platform, and Drupal and WordPress for some OpenSource clients. HexaGroup’s marketing technology solutions are mainly aligned with HubSpot software and its inbound marketing methodology. “We are always reviewing new technologies that will in turn benefit our clients,” says Dasprez.

Our initiatives, our work, and our services are built around bringing our clients tangible results using digital marketing

Another area where HexaGroup outperforms its market competitors is through its use of big data to inform clients about what their customers truly want. HexaGroup’s unique ClustaarTM Analysis helps organizations increase their brand awareness and market reach by analyzing the keywords associated with a specific market using Google big data and developing workable strategies that offer clear guidance into which direction a client should take.

“Offering a Clustaar Analysis for all our marketing and website development engagements has been a win-win for HexaGroup and its clients. For the first time, our clients know what they can expect from digital marketing, how to set achievable goals, and how to reach them with certainty. It brings assurance that our plan of action will lead to measurable and achievable results. This makes our relationships exciting,” explains Dasprez.

Additional offerings from HexaGroup include video and 3D animation services, internal communication and mobile solution strategies. HexaGroup specializes in B2B within the energy, industrial and professional services industries.

The company is strengthening its position in Europe with an office in Paris and plans to assess strategic acquisition opportunities in the U.S. in the near future.


Houston, TX

Arnaud Dasprez, CEO

HexaGroup develops content management systems for clients around the globe