INCATech: Integrating Inspiration and Technical Innovation for Greater Success

Liliana Freedman, President and CEO
Establishing a system of transparency, accountability, collaboration, and public trust has become a key requirement for enterprises today. “There is an immense pressure for government organizations to create consumption, ECM systems must also enable delivery anywhere, anytime, on any device,” says Liliana Freedman. Moreover, it is an imperative for companies to provide innovative IT solutions that enable government clients to focus on accomplishing their government mission and prioritizing their business outcomes. Delivering modernized Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems throughout government by constantly investing in people, innovation, and technology is Reston-based Innovative Computing and Applied Technology, also known as INCATech.

Through their innovative solutions, INCATech facilitates both data-consumption and content production. “Users often expect that the interface for editing and administering of data and content should be as intuitive and effective as the applications it supports. Keen on creating tools and resources to increase productivity, customers appreciate our value added solutions that empower content owners to manage Web based delivery without a dependence on costly web developers,” says Liliana. Additionally, INCATech delivers intuitive website designs through user-centered design approaches. The company, expert in UI/UX, uses agile development methodologies to develop interactive wireframes, site designs, and mock ups that they test on the desktop as well as a wide range of mobile platforms.INCATech performs extensive usability testing to validate that the user-interface design decisions produce the desired user experience outcomes.

Over the years, the company has administered and managed not only the application layer, but also the hosting environment, operating systems, and full 24x7x365 O&M support services. “One of the largest ECM implementations we have provided is for the highest volume public facing website of a cabinet level agency of the Government,” recollects Liliana. The company helped the client with requirement generation for new features and functions, system design, agile development, deployment, training, operations, and maintenance.
They designed the customer’s system architecture to handle the high volume and even enable INCATech to perform software releases into the production environment without taking the system offline. “Since deploying this state-of-the-art ECM system, there has been zero downtime,” she adds.

Being technology-agnostic, “We can serve our customers as not just a system integrator but also as a trusted advisor, rather than just a vendor,” says Bruce Freedman, VP, Corporate Development, INCATech. In an interesting example, the company rescued a failed ECM program at a Federal agency that had been in development for three years. INCATech provided extensive user communication, education, and engagement to develop a real partnership with four distinct user communities. “We brought forth proven tools and techniques to enable collaborative decision making, a continuous build process, and provide the agency full transparency into the software engineering process,” Liliana asserts. The company also provided JIRA and Confluence login accounts to the key stakeholders so that they could fully participate in the daily SCRUM meetings and have full visibility into the real time performance of the work.

We are passionate about helping our Federal customers modernize and transform their IT environments to deliver breakthrough results for citizens at a lower total cost of ownership

Going forward, INCATech is focused on investing in their people, cloud-based tools, technology, and well defined business processes—with the goal of delivering more value in a shorter period of time. “We have been able to continually improve our development environment, process methodology, and service delivery efficiency to deliver ECM solutions of higher value at a lower cost,” concludes Liliana.


Reston, VA

Liliana Freedman, President and CEO

Offers innovative solutions to the federal government in the areas of enterprise content management, software development, web development, quality assurance, project management, and general IT support.