10 Most Promising ECM Consulting/Implementation Services Companies - 2018


With the ever-increasing amount of content in this digital era, every enterprise is discovering creative ways to harness and manage this surging tide of data, while also ensuring that the methods they adopt are fast and secure. To begin with, cloud is a familiar topic surrounding the enterprise content management (ECM) market for past few years. However, the current year has witnessed ECM vendors making a significant impact toward providing cloud offerings to their clients. With the enterprises moving to the cloud, there are also going to be remarkable opportunities for synergy.

Now, when it comes to organizing content securely, enterprises should take advantage of smart capabilities that latest technological advancements bring to the table. Artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), cognitive computing, and deep learning provide the users with the ability to make real-time decisions based on the collected data. While there will be multiple technologies in the future to shape the ECM industry, system integration is making the waves at present. Enterprises are likely to integrate multiple systems they employ for various departments to save the user’s time and deliver the accrued data to them. The integration of systems would further benefit the organizations to share information among their departments and enhance communication.

Additionally, as smart devices such as mobile phones and iPads have become ubiquitous, enterprises must focus on accommodating third-party Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications to manage the content and deliver it seamlessly to any network-accessible venue.

To aid enterprises in managing their content securely, CIOReview brings to you the 10 most promising ECM Consulting/ Implementation Services Companies. A prominent panel of CEOs, CIOs, VCs, and analysts with the CIOReview editorial board has selected these ECM solution providers based on their unique capability to create, store, edit, and distribute content with accuracy.

We present to you “10 Most Promising ECM Consulting/Implementation Services Companies - 2018.”

Top Enterprise Content Management Companies


Delivers end-to-end ECM solutions by effectively and efficiently optimizing business process requirements while delivering high quality technical deployments


The firm provides a full spectrum of transactional content management offerings, both cloud-based and on-premises imaging and content management solutions


The company provides open, flexible, highly scalable ECM capabilities that easily integrates with other business applications


Provides Alfresco-based ECM solutions along with a full-suite of Alfresco consulting services


The company provides digital solutions and managed services such as ECM, ERP, and CRM to industries worldwide

Galaxie Business Equipment

Provides a wide range of ECM services such as document management and capture, automated transformation, as well as consulting


The company provides customized information system development services to various organizations


Makes existing network folders and systems more intelligent with its in-built AI platform


Provides document management system to handle both traditional content, like scanned documents and PDFs, and rich content


Helps organizations save time and grow revenue and productivity by automating and transforming business processes