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Bernard Gomez, Co-founder and VP of Accounts
Picture this: An organization pitches a fancy content management system (CMS) to its client. Impressed by the marketing, the client onboards the system, only to be left disappointed when it doesn’t match up to the hype or doesn’t suit the organizational needs. Faced with cumbersome operations and hampered efficiency, the client races against time and spends valuable resources to shift to a different CMS, usually when everything is going haywire.

This happens a lot in the world of enterprise content management, owing to either misinformation or rapid digitization rendering older systems obsolete. Streamlining the enormous volumes of content to make CMS migrations faster and efficient is a task not many want to take up. This is where Crescendo Collective comes in at top speed. A full-service digital agency based out of Milwaukee, WI, Crescendo is the result of Tom Duffey and Bernard Gomez’s vision to revamp the digital transformation of organizations. Having worked on challenging CMS projects, learning the ins and outs of different enterprise content management (ECM) technologies, the enterprising duo bring their out-of-the-box thinking to Crescendo to solve tricky, speed-based assignments of scale. “We’ve successfully worked on some of the largest and most challenging ECM projects, delivering both speed and quality,” says Tom Duffey, CEO and co-founder.

Built for speed, Crescendo punches above its weight to provide the fastest and most efficient ECM solutions to organizations looking to consolidate their CMS platforms. Leveraging top technologies, Crescendo simplifies the complexity of ECM systems and streamlines CMS migrations with lightning-fast turnarounds, thereby saving time and resources for clients. Crescendo delivers the entire spectrum of skilled technology services like CMS, user experience design, digital marketing solutions, and more to organizations of all sizes.

A client-first approach permeates Crescendo’s company culture. This reflects in Crescendo serving as the all-in-one content manager for one of the largest US component manufacturers. Within 35 days, Crescendo helped them transition from Adobe Experience Manager to Magnolia Headless ECM, simultaneously designing a 3000-page website for them.
Why Companies Use SWOT AnalysisTom Duffey, Co-founder and CEO

In another instance of speed, Crescendo redesigned a 2500-page website of a large government agency in record time. Currently, Crescendo is in the middle of speeding up the global CMS transition to an ECM platform for one of their pharmaceutical clients, which covers around a staggering 500 websites.

Crescendo has traversed the ECM scene with unmatched agility, providing value to its clients in the US and the Philippines with the “Collective” – a global team of professionals possessing wide-ranging skillsets from various disciplines. “Our biggest key differentiator is our workforce. We emphasize high quality team members who get the work done with a smart, clinical approach,” says Bernard Gomez, co-founder and VP of Accounts at Crescendo Collective.

Additionally, Crescendo’s analytics team monitors product performance and recommends actionable improvements. “We try to get our clients to be highly functional with the solutions that we build for them,” says Gomez. To this end, Crescendo ensures the content management tools available to its clients are workable, customizable, easy to use, and deliver meaningful results. In the same vein, Crescendo provides training to clients to help them onboard and utilize the ECM tools and solutions as fast as possible.

Despite the reliance on technology and digitization, a vital component to Crescendo’s speed is the desire to foster strong client relationships. Unfettered by the bureaucracy of larger agencies, Crescendo offers clients a more direct approach and has historically engaged clients with free POCs and deliverables within three months. Because of its current success, Crescendo is looking forward to expandingW further in the US, the Philippines, and elsewhere around the globe. “We like to say the sun never sets on Crescendo, and we’re working hard to make that a reality by having our team around the world to serve our global clients better,” concludes Duffey.

Crescendo Collective

Milwaukee, WI

Bernard Gomez, Co-founder and VP of Accounts and Tom Duffey, Co-founder and CEO

Crescendo Collective is a digital agency delivering CMS, UX, visual design, and digital marketing solutions. Leveraging top technologies, Crescendo simplifies the complexity of ECM systems and streamlines CMS migrations with fast turnarounds, saving time and resources for clients of all organizational sizes. Possessing a skilled global workforce with expertise in diverse fields, Crescendo ensures the content management tools available to its clients are workable, customizable, easy-to-use, and deliver meaningful results, and also provides training to help them speedily onboard and utilize the ECM tools and solutions

Crescendo Collective