Tenthline: Unleashing the Cloud Advantage in ECM Space

Zahid Mahmood, Founder & CEO
Companies, large and small, are seeing value in migrating their various applications to the cloud. In particular, moving enterprise content management (ECM) systems to cloud tops the application-migration list. ECM in the cloud enables enterprises to save money on buying, maintaining, and managing hardware, software, and associated personnel. Cloud-based ECM also provides anytime-anywhere access to information to an enterprise's employees and authorized users. In addition, sensitive corporate data is kept secure, with robust disaster recovery. It is even more advantageous for enterprises to employ a managed service provider (MSP) for their ECM on the cloud. MSPs enable enterprises to concentrate on their business activities, increase productivity, reduce operating costs, and achieve faster ROI. This is the space Tenthline has over a decade of experience in. As an MSP with a focus on ECM cloud-migration and management, Tenthline delivers its services using a perfect combination of partnerships, technologies, and developers.

The company particularly leverages Alfresco’s open source, cloud-based ECM platform to help clients manage their content disarray to bring order to their business processes. The Founder and CEO of Tenthline, Zahid Mahmood observes that “today, open source solutions are much more modern with rich feature sets available at a fraction of the cost of proprietary solutions, and combining this with what the cloud has to offer, we have a perfect solution here.” This is the very reason why Tenthline struck a partnership with Alfresco in 2005, and for over a decade the company has been successfully deploying Alfresco's agile enterprise solutions including ECM, BPM, AWS/ Azure managed services, and others.

Tenthline follows a straightforward implementation process. It first undertakes the customer's initial analysis to understand the solution required and determine the infrastructure based on the amount and type of content, number of users, and other parameters. Then, be it well-organized content or content chaos, Tenthline determines the location of the data, the possibility of getting metadata, the kind of metadata to be preserved, and how to migrate the data. The enterprise is given a chance to clean up some of their content in the process whereafter Tenthline transfers the enterprise data to the cloud.
The client then starts user acceptance testing, and on average, the Tenthline solution is up and running within three to six months regardless of the quantity of data. “We have transferred 10 to 40 Tb of content for a customer within a few months, which previously would have taken years,” quips Mahmood. After the solution is in place, Tenthline also provides fast and efficient support for any issues that may arise.

In a matter of months, we have transformed our clients business from on-prem to a cloud based solution while migrating terabytes of content, which normally would have taken years

Mahmood cites how Tenthline aided an insurance company with voluminous data storage and management requirements. Tenthline conducted a digital transformation exercise for the client, migrated the company's data to the cloud and oversaw the definition, location, grouping, and categorization of the metadata, while flexibly managing the data on the cloud. Tenthline swiftly and efficiently saved the client from managing terabytes of data internally and empowered them with full 24/7 support, significant financial gains, and security through data replication and inbuilt disaster recovery.

According to Mahmood, “Tenthline's unique value proposition is its multi-talented customer-facing team of developers who rely on each other.” Dividing up tasks easily among themselves, they get involved in every step of the solution, unlike a traditional model. Tenthline has successfully defined its market space within the financial, governmental, and healthcare industry. A recent milestone was the company's provision of a fully managed service on the cloud. On the geographical expansion front, Tenthline intends to go beyond Canada and the U.S., to expand into the U.K. and APAC. Tenthline plans to leverage the cloud platforms like AWS and Azure while considering the prospect of robotics and AI-based solutions.


Toronto, Ontario

Zahid Mahmood, Founder & CEO

Provides ECM solutions using a perfect combination of partnerships, technologies, and developers with an agile delivery methodology