Interfy: Stalwarts of Digital Transformation

Laudemir Valente, CEO
In the age of digital transformation, it is surprising that only a few organizations consider themselves digitally transformed. Despite realizing the value of digital technologies, organizations that are on the path to digital transformation are hesitant to take the plunge. Most organizations today regard the deployment of enterprise management systems as an expensive, complex, and cumbersome process. The truth is that many vendors in the market are big players and their solutions most often come with complex commercial policies, bureaucratic deployment processes, and high licensing costs. “The need of the hour is an efficient solution that can meet organization’s needs in an uncomplicated and cost-effective manner,” says Laudemir Valente, Interfy’s CEO. That’s exactly what Interfy brings to the market.

With the goal to make businesses smarter, Interfy offers a ground-breaking platform that accelerates the digital transformation across companies and improves information management in an accessible and customizable manner. An industry veteran and a technology enthusiast, Valente, says, “Our ultimate aim is to kick-start the digital transformation of companies that are still lagging and make sure that it takes place as swiftly as possible.”

Interfy’s unique platform includes a set of products with many different, yet integrated tools such as ECM, BPM, BI, PMS, CRM, and ERP—all embedded in a single platform. Although there are numerous benefits of using ECM, the process of implementation can be a daunting endeavor. Interfy aims to address this challenge. “Our accessible, easy-to-use ECM platform can fit into any company’s budget and be quickly deployed and used across the entire organization like never before,” affirms Valente. Organizations can use Interfy to streamline and manage every entity’s processes either document-oriented or designed using a business process model and notation.

“One of the major factors that help us outmaneuver competition is the ease of use of our ECM platform. Our product doesn’t require expensive consulting and development, which saves clients up to 80 percent of their costs when compared to traditional ECM systems,” extols Valente.
Moreover, Interfy is based on the white label concept, which allows users to customize the look and feel of the dashboard with their visual identity. This translates into enormous savings for a company, as they do not need to develop a new technology from scratch to meet their demands.

Our ultimate aim is to kick-start the digital transformation of companies that are still lagging and make sure that it takes place as swiftly as possible

Built for the cloud, Interfy’s platform has very low deployment costs, as it doesn’t require any installation or configuration. Furthermore, the platform’s architecture is designed to allow quick and easy integration using today’s market standards. With minimal effort, clients can connect Interfy to a task automator like Zapier, and have instant access to their massive library of integrations. “Our users become more autonomous and capable of designing and managing solutions inside our system,” says Valente.

To explain more about the company’s value proposition, Valente cites a case study of the Arcel Group, a conglomerate of companies that work in different segments of the industry, including hotels and car dealerships. Their initial challenge was to centralize the billing workflow across all their 11 dealerships, as they followed the traditional workflow process that lacked accountability and efficiency. By partnering with Interfy the whole group gained speed, security, visibility, and traceability of every action in their workflow.

At Interfy, partnerships and collaboration are given top priority. By delivering free partnership policies, the company allows business partners to instantly make a workspace available to their customers.

Having carved a niche for itself in the enterprise management space over the years, Interfy intends to expand into more than 70 countries through a network composed of over 500 business partners within the next three years.


Orlando, FL

Laudemir Valente, CEO

Offers a software platform that helps organizations make strides toward digital transformation