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David Levin, CEO
Digital signage is an essential communication medium today, driving customer experiences, corporate engagement, productivity and more. And investments in digital displays across every industry around the globe are on the rise. Yet, managing various digital signage systems, content and applications presents a challenge—one which many organizations discover too late, leaving them saddled with antiquated and siloed systems that prove to be an obstacle for IT teams.

Picture this instead: an end-to-end, integrated digital signage solution with a single enterprise content management software capable of handling any organization’s entire digital signage network, regardless to the number of endpoints supported. Plus, the ideal solution would include a secure, cloud-based management platform for devices, users and content that’s easy to use and requires minimal training.

You don’t have to just imagine it. It’s already a reality. Four Winds Interactive (FWI), an enterprise digital signage software provider has been building and refining their platform for over 13 years, making it the clear leader in a crowded industry. “We’re here to streamline digital signage content and device management and make it easier for our clients to communicate with their target audiences,” says David Levin, CEO of Four Winds Interactive.

Typically, before enterprises deploy digital signage systems, they look for a platform with feature-rich applications that’s as easy to use as it is to scale across an organization. But those organizations are also looking for an out-of-the box solution that increases time-to-value and can also accommodate custom-built applications. With that in mind, FWI created a comprehensive suite of workplace solutions built to improve communication in the workplace, increase employee engagement and enhance the visitor experience.

FWI’s pre-configured workplace solutions include FWI ENGAGE, BOOKED and DIRECT.

We’re here to streamline digital signage content and device management and make it easier for our clients to communicate with their target audiences

Enterprises can leverage any of the 22 applications included in FWI ENGAGE to break through the clutter of other ineffective internal communication mediums and improve employee engagement. With FWI BOOKED, enterprises can streamline the meeting room booking process and maximize the use of their shared conference spaces. And rounding out the suite of workplace solutions is FWI DIRECT, a powerful wayfinding and directory solution with options for interactive or directional wayfinding functionality.

Powering each of those applications is FWI’s Content Manager Software, a robust, flexible application authoring, publishing, and device management tool. With a simple drag-and-drop interface, users can design, schedule and publish content from any source to any screen— all from a single interface. And to compliment that tool as well as overcome security issues, FWI’s team built a secure, cloud-based content repository, device management and administration tool for simple tasks that are easily accomplished from desktop or mobile. “FWI Cloud makes it easy for anyone to login and contribute content or check a device. It’s pure Cloud and leverages the most modern IoT standards for device management,” explains Levin.

In addition to its software, FWI has the industry’s largest in-house professional services team, providing everything from UX design and hardware configuration to ongoing daily management, remote monitoring and more. Whether new to digital signage or expanding an existing network, the FWI team is well-positioned to ensure its clients are set up for long-term success, from day one.

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David Levin, CEO

The enterprise software company provides the most robust digital signage CMS available

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