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Frank D\'Entrone, President
As digital transformation continues to be a strategic business initiative across many corporations, fme’s growing reputation in supporting ECM transitions is a testament to the company’s understanding of their clients’ needs. With an increasing focus on deploying cloud solutions that support complex and increasingly scrutinized business processes in regulated environments, agility, innovation and a passionate focus on successful outcomes are pre-requisites for any vendor.

Enter fme. Born with a vision focused on client satisfaction, fme holds a sweet spot in this transitioning evolution by combining its high-quality technical capabilities with deep business process knowledge. In partnership with the leading platform vendors in the ECM space, fme assists clients with determining the most effective way to deploy ECM technologies and has evolved as a trusted advisor. “We increasingly focus on the business process aspects of technology implementations in addition to delivering high-quality technical resources. This ability to provide business insight as a critical supplement to the client’s internal expertise and then to execute on the technical implementation is a key service,” says Frank D’Entrone, President, fme. “Our vision is to become your partner for ECM in the digital transformation process.”

The ECM space has embarked on a new path in recent years by embracing disruptive cloud technologies and making business process applications increasingly part of the required solution set. fme blends these two requirements through its agile approach to market changes and has expanded its capabilities beyond the OpenText Documentum platform, which has been its major focus area, to include Veeva Vault and Box.

“What makes fme unique is the combination of our understanding of our clients’ business objectives and the ability to meet these through high quality technical deliverables,” states D’Entrone. To achieve this goal, the company follows an agile methodology, which has enabled organizations to drive improvement into their workplace in terms of delivering robust solutions that drive increased productivity. D’Entrone observed the ongoing necessity to configure the ECM software applications to support the business needs of their users.

What makes fme second to none is its unique approach toward client satisfaction and high-quality deliverables

He adds that organizations have historically pursued an unsustainable model, whereby internal customers have been dissatisfied and ongoing support costs are prohibitive with regard to upgrades and enhancements. With the maturation of cloud services and SaaS models, fme now works with software partners to minimize this IT constraint, focuses on optimizing their clients’ business processes for greater agility.

Elaborating on the benefits of their services, D’Entrone explains how the team observes a three-phased approach toward serving their clients. In the first phase, the company maps out the business process requirements of the client and then aligns the functional specifications accordingly. Additionally, fme can configure the software application and manages the complex data and document migrations along with training for the end-users. This is followed by developing any external system integrations required in order to ensure the business processes are robustly supported. “It’s fundamentally important to ensure that the solution embraces a holistic view of the business processes,” explains D’Entrone.

fme has enjoyed significant success in the Life Sciences market serving many of the large Pharmaceutical and Biotech companies. It has also undertaken large scale projects in other industries including automotive, oil and gas and insurance. The company has long been recognized as a leader in ECM solution deployment with its OpenText D2 track record, but has recently extended its scope of expertise by partnering with Veeva and Box. Enjoying a sustainable growth phase, fme has aggressive expansion plans. The company has recently augmented the scope of their market-leading migration tool, migration-center, which now supports migrations to Veeva Vault and Box as well as OpenText D2. fme will shortly be announcing its very own OpenText D2 platform and AWS enabled cloud-based ECM offering, tailored specifically at emerging and mid-sized businesses.


Danbury, CT

Frank D\'Entrone, President and Nigel Whitehead, COO

Delivers end-to-end ECM solutions by effectively and efficiently optimizing business process requirements while delivering high quality technical deployments