Vodori: Insight-Driven Approach to Content Management

Scott Rovegno, President & CEO
Life sciences companies are increasingly facing a highly regulated and competitive environment, and concurrently expected to increase productivity at marginal costs. Therefore, it is essential to produce more effective and efficient content. The stringent regulations, highly technical products, and the rising complexities in the digital marketing arena deter both speed and precision of content creation. With an aim to solve the present shortcomings in enterprise content management (ECM), Vodori offers Pepper Cloud®, a suite of cloud services designed to simplify the way life sciences companies create, approve, and distribute promotional content.

Vodori’s peer-to-peer, cloud-based SaaS platform allows users to automate the review and approval process of promotional and marketing materials by seamlessly verifying the marketing claims against the data. Vodori further strengthens their ECM solutions by offering insights to create more effective collateral and marketing decisions, while reducing cost, maintaining compliance, and managing risk.

“We specialize in providing an insight-driven content management solution for the life sciences industry,” says Scott Rovegno, President and CEO, Vodori. Integral to life sciences are the regulatory and compliance agencies, which require marketers to follow certain guidelines throughout the review and approval process to ensure that promotional claims are consistent with the specific references and evidence points for which products were originally approved. Since the proof to the claim is often captured manually, it increases the chances of human error and the time to approve. Rovegno opines it is the correlation between the marketing claim and the supporting evidence that makes the content generation for life sciences so intricate. Pepper Cloud is comprised of three solutions that work in tandem in a single, customized workflow to expedite approvals and publication, cut cost and risk, and drive commercial results for life sciences marketer.

Unlike traditional reviewing methodologies that require the website content to be converted into a PDF for analysis and approval, Pepper Cloud offers native digital support. Rovegno says, “We manage the process through a browser and hence don’t require the tedious process of making countless screenshots of the website pages.”

However, Rovegno explains that boosting the speed and efficiency only solves half the predicament. With faster content generation, the audience can get overflowed with frequent promotional content. Pepper Cloud, therefore, analyzes the quality of the process and content with their metric tools to produce better results. “We empower marketers to publish impactful content every time rather than churn out volumes of unused, expensive-to-create content,” says Rovegno. Pepper Cloud also evaluates the performance of a marketing content with target users and compares it with the internal process analytics to determine ROI. “The insights derived help us coach our clients on driving better customer engagement campaigns,” mentions Rovegno.

Unlike traditional reviewing methodologies that require the website content to be converted into a PDF for analysis and approval, Pepper Cloud offers native digital support

Explaining the expediency of Pepper Cloud, Rovegno states how one of their global and diversified healthcare manufacturing clients benefited from the product. The healthcare company was spread across multiple businesses such as pharmaceutical, diagnostics, and healthcare devices. They had two major concerns: maintaining uniform marketing content to uphold brand consistency and finding faster and error-free methods to review content. Using Pepper Cloud, the client could complete audit trail and traceability more seamlessly through a “single system of records.” The platform’s process and performance analytics further ensured that the uniformity in style and content was maintained.

Having spent the last few years fine-tuning innovative toolsets for Pepper Cloud, Vodori is now geared up to spearhead the ECM market with their solution. “We developed our next generation Pepper Cloud in response to the needs of our life sciences clients,” says Rovegno. In the coming year, Vodori intends to invest more time on enhancing and popularizing their platform in the life sciences industry.

Vodori News

DiaSorin Selects Vodori’s Pepper Flow® to Support Rapid Growth and Increased Product Launches

Chicago, IL — Vodori, a creator of cloud-based software that revolutionizes how life science companies get regulated content to market, today announced that DiaSorin, a global leader in the market for in vitro diagnostic testing, selected Pepper Flow to streamline and scale its U.S. commercialization efforts.

DiaSorin is a global leader in laboratory diagnostics focusing on specialty testing for both immunodiagnostics and molecular diagnostics. In the last 18 months alone, DiaSorin has launched over 10 products—including three COVID-19 tests—that are now a part of their portfolio of 100+ products currently on market.

The company’s rapid growth requires more standardization and scalability of marketing and regulatory operations to get critical diagnostic tests to market quicker and drive better patient outcomes. Vodori’s Pepper Flow and Pepper Flow Digital Review—cloud-based software that simplifies the review and approval of regulated content—were selected as strategic replacements for DiaSorin’s manual, paper-based process.

Pepper Flow helps life science companies move through promotional material reviews with speed, accuracy, and compliance. Pepper Flow Digital Review delivers the industry’s only interactive web page review solution so users can route, review, and annotate web pages and web apps in their native, interactive format. Both products will be instrumental to DiaSorin as they shift to creating more digital content to support a no-touch sales process.

Pepper Flow and Pepper Flow Digital Review will enable DiaSorin to:

• reduce time and effort to collaborate on material creation, approval, and distribution;

• efficiently execute product launch plans;

• enforce brand and regulatory compliance; and

• measure performance to further improve the process

“Our ability to tell our story in this period of rapid growth relies on a fast review and approval process. It’s critical that we are able to launch products with approved marketing material and messaging,” said Joel Cowen, Vice President of Marketing at DiaSorin. “Pepper Flow affords us the ability to get up and running quickly with minimal user training, reduces our review time, and ultimately, enables us to get our message out quickly to improve launch effectiveness.”

Vodori Announces Appointment of Lesly Marban to its Board of Advisors

Marban is a marketing and life sciences expert with more than 26 years in the pharmaceutical and medical device industries

Vodori, creator of cloud-based software that revolutionizes how life science companies get regulated content to market, announced that Lesly Marban, Founder and Principal at Diberin Solutions and Faculty Member at MATTER, joins Vodori's Board of Advisors.

Marban founded Diberin Solutions to empower healthcare startups to accelerate their growth, scale their brands and become more efficient. At MATTER, she is part of the faculty that helps member start-up companies, healthcare entrepreneurs and scientists accelerate innovation, advance care and improve lives.

"We are pleased to welcome Lesly as a trusted advisor to Vodori," said Scott Rovegno, Vodori Founder and CEO. "Lesly has deep expertise in the commercialization of pharmaceuticals and medical devices. She is a perfect match for Vodori since our Pepper Cloud product suite is designed specifically for life science companies that are commercialized or preparing for commercialization. Lesly's industry expertise enables her to advocate for our customers' needs and help us grow our product portfolio to best meet those needs. With her addition, the board of advisors increases in both expertise and diversity."

"Life science companies are always looking for ways to improve operational efficiency so they can get their life-saving drugs and devices to market quickly," said Lesly Marban. "I am looking forward to working with the team at Vodori because they not only understand this, they deliver on it. Beyond providing purpose-built software solutions, Vodori creates real value for their customers through their knowledgeable team of industry experts that provide implementation services, helping customers optimize their internal processes."


Chicago, IL

Scott Rovegno, President & CEO

Insight-driven content management solutions that help life sciences companies expedite content approvals and publication, cut cost and risk, and drive commercial results