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Ivan Franklin, VP
In the early days of content and information digitization, the goal for most organizations was to achieve a paperless office. As technology advanced, the objectives surrounding content digitization changed and the role of enterprise content management (ECM) expanded to more than simply being used as an electronic file cabinet. With the evolving business landscape requiring spontaneous decision-making to improve business processes, OPG-3 has become one of the largest and fastest growing ECM providers that builds robust ECM solutions involving business process workflows and electronic forms for businesses of all types. As pioneers in offering Laserfiche ECM software and customizations, OPG-3 has emerged as the ‘single source of truth’ for their clients and a data bridge to clients’ in-house applications.

Catering to multiple industries, from local governments and educational institutions to private organizations, OPG-3 eliminates organizations’ data silos that accompany traditional content management software. With Laserfiche as a platform of choice, “OPG-3 organizes digital documents and automates document-driven processes so that the right people have the right information at the right time— helping executives make smarter, faster decisions,” says Ivan Franklin, VP of OPG-3. In the past, organizations have undertaken ECM to reduce the overhead costs of paper storage and office space, OPG-3 moves beyond this by automating repetitive and manual processes, managing organizational content, and facilitating compliance along with robust security and auditing features. Laserfiche’s seamless integration with existing applications allows OPG-3 to bridge the gap between a client’s unstructured data and integrates it into a structured environment. Following a horizontal implementation model with mobile forms for field reporting, OPG-3 provides mobile capabilities to a plethora of industries, such as helping quality assurance with claims, HR with employee onboarding, and medical institutions with benefit claims.

The key to OPG-3’s success in Laserfiche deployment is its ‘best practice briefings’ and monthly ‘lunch and learn’ seminars in which clients discuss the latest Laserfiche advancements and undergo training in the implementation of Laserfiche—further eliminating bottlenecks and data silos.

With the desire to make sure our clients succeed, we like to teach them how to leverage Laserfiche and see solutions take off with their business

One of OPG- 3’s clients, while conducting an open enrollment within the organization, realized the tediousness and time-consuming nature of helping employees comply with the procedures around the enrollment. Another major concern for the client was maintaining accuracy with employee data and benefits coverage revisions. OPG-3 created custom forms, workflows, and documentation for the client enabling them to check if any employee has requested changes or additions to their selected fringe benefits. This enabled the client to execute the open enrollment process in a timely manner with substantial precision.

OPG-3 is acclaimed for its after sales support that goes the extra mile to help clients with any Laserfiche related bugs and issues, using OPG- 3’s in-house engineers and software developers. “With the desire to make sure our clients succeed, we like to teach them how to leverage Laserfiche and see solutions take off with their business,” explains Franklin.

With Laserfiche rolling out new features and solutions—from Avante and Rio to a subscription-based model—OPG-3 is quickly adapting to these changes to facilitate a smoother transition for their clients. With OPG-3’s immense success spanning several Midwestern states including Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, South Dakota, and Nebraska the company aims to further bridge the data—application gap and provide a ‘single source of truth’ for businesses throughout the U.S.

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Ivan Franklin, VP

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