Mosaicoon: Unleashing the Video Making Creativity

Ugo Parodi Giusino, Founder, Chairman & CEO
Video content drives everything from conventional TV programs to modern video sharing platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, Snapchat, or Facebook Live. Apart from being user-friendly and resourceful, the video serves as an engaging, versatile, and widely shareable medium to reach out to the masses. Owing to which, it is no secret that video is the next big thing in the marketing space. With the rising demand for video today, brands are required to produce thousands of videos in comparison to earlier times. This emerges as a major challenge as the process of video production is highly expensive and time-consuming. Mosaicoon eliminates this complexity through the provision of a video content platform that incorporates high-quality, original video projects which can be readily procured and customized by brands to use in their campaigns. “We have re-invented the traditional way of processing videos with the goal to scale the production of content while retaining high quality and credibility at a lower cost,” notes Ugo Parodi Giusino, Founder, Chairman, and CEO at Mosaicoon.

Mosaicoon platform offers an opportunity for the artists and creative professionals worldwide to publish and monetize creative videos. Secondly, the brands can leverage these videos with 85-90 percent reduction in production time. The brands can select a relevant video content, personalize it as per their marketing criteria, and distribute it across various social networking channels to garner maximum viewership. Once the content goes online, Mosaicoon’s integrated tracking tool verifies the performance of the content and enables brands to pay only for guaranteed views, thanks to its unique pricing model—CVPplus.

A key feature of Mosaicoon’s platform is Sonar, its core software tool. Built on a proprietary algorithm, Sonar evaluates the potential of different brands in communicating through videos. “We analyze every channel that a brand uses for sharing its content and identify the keywords in the content,” Parodi Giusino explains. Having detected keywords that are suitable enough for the brand, the team matches them with industry trends and accordingly devises a video strategy for the brand.

We have re-invented the traditional way of processing videos with the goal to scale the production of content while retaining high quality and credibility at a lower cost

Complementary to Sonar is Essentials which navigates brands to a sea of elite productions in original formats created by some of the finest creative professionals from around the globe.

Notably enough, Mosaicoon’s video content platform is mobile which implies that clients can access it from any location on any device (desktop/tablet/smartphone) at any time. Here, Parodi Giusino refers to Unilever-Fissan, a baby products company that was looking to expand its digital presence with a video campaign that averaged 360k views per video. Mosaicoon entered the scene right on time and identified six keywords via Sonar to help the client maximize its engagement with its target audience. Thereafter, Mosaicoon delivered three videos with brand messages incorporating the keywords and strategically distributed them in keeping with Fissan’s request. Lastly, Mosaicoon tracked performance and generated customized reports to demonstrate the project’s success. “We produced three videos in less than two weeks, improving video completion rate by 55.7 percent,” Parodi Giusino highlights.

Taking one step at a time, Mosaicoon has covered good grounds ever since its inception and is presently bracing up to capitalize on the megatrend that video is going to be. The team at Mosaicoon believes in the tremendous capability that video holds and intends to carry forward their legacy of revolutionizing the world of video by pioneering newer, better innovations.


Palermo, Italy

Ugo Parodi Giusino, Founder, Chairman & CEO

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