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Dr. Daryl Blackwell, President & CEO
“While information needs to be provided and distributed, it is equally important to communicate effectively with end users in order to deliver value to them,” says Dr. Daryl Blackwell, underlining his philosophy as a professor while addressing students in a classroom environment. The same tenet forms the underlying principle for Axyon Consulting, a company he leads as president and CEO. Working as CIO for some of the fastest growing companies in the U.S. as well as a University Professor and Clinical Director, Dr. Blackwell began Axyon as a means to tie the aspects of human communication with technology through solutions geared toward providing relevant information and reliable access—allowing for significant increase in productivity end user acceptance.

Accordingly, Axyon approaches enterprise-wide content management with a focus on communicating pertinent information to relevant end users at the right time, so as to allow them to do their job effectively. With a blend of technical and business expertise that forms a holistic view of organizational operations, Axyon deploys content management solutions (CMS) that are conducive to enriched end-user experiences.

Axyon works with large enterprises that typically have content silos, requiring users to navigate various platforms and storage environments, scour through an inundation of information, and find what they need for a specific task. Axyon addresses this challenge by shifting the pivot to the content from the container. For instance, Axyon assists its clients in building CMS tools that allow a SharePoint user to see specifics of content residing in an organization’s SAP system, without having to leave the SharePoint application. By doing so, Axyon ensures a unified experience for users, who now have access to the information they need to execute their tasks, regardless of where the content resides.

A deep understanding of customers’ business processes, operations, and change-readiness allow Axyon to create enhanced end-user experiences. More importantly, the company gains knowledge on customers’ existing tools and infrastructure and strategically helps them realize ROI. To quote an instance, Dr. Blackwell and his team were approached by a large utility in the Northern U.S. to transform their physical records management process into an electronic record management practice.

While information needs to be provided and distributed, it is equally important to communicate effectively with end users in order to deliver value to them

Over a few rounds of discussion with the CIO, Axyon recognized several other issues in the process that could easily be solved with tools that the client already had in place. Having a deep-dyed approach in delivering maximum value of engagement, Axyon helped the customer address more areas of concern with lesser expense. The utility company was able to achieve their goal of regulatory compliance by digitizing enterprise-wide content, along with a perceivable increase in productivity.

A critical dynamic that enables Axyon to deliver such results is the mix of expertise in the company. While the emphasis is laid on having an ear to the ground for trending technology tools, the team zeroes in on customer issues quickly due to its foundational knowledge of enterprise operations. The first step of Axyon’s methodology involves an elaborate study of customers’ current state of content management versus the desired state. Subsequently, Axyon centralizes content, decommissions older systems while retaining operational information, trains end users, and implements security measures.

Axyon leaves no stone unturned when it comes to technological advancement of systems. The company has already begun exploring the future of content management, where an AI engine would scour billions of data points from thousands of documents to find the requested information. Dr. Blackwell says, “To our customers, this might seem like an impossible task, but our approach and powerful capabilities make it effortless to achieve successful outcomes. We show our customers the resultant cost-savings, and that drives rapid adoption.” In that backdrop, Axyon is poised to make content management truly digitized, unified, automated, and communicative.

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Dr. Daryl Blackwell, President & CEO

Axyon Consulting provides content management tools and solutions with a deep understanding of business processes and strong focus on end-user experience

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