Zorang: Driving ECM ROI through Cloud Expertise

Sumit Kapoor, Managing Partner
The IT solutions deployment model has moved to the cloud but the services delivery model is yet to catch up. As a result, despite the remarkable success of the cloud, several businesses are grappling with their critical data held up in outdated legacy systems. Challenges exist in addressing the issue of maintenance overheads, integration with legacy systems and licensing models. With over 20 years experience in Cloud Deployment, Integration and Enterprise Content Management, and Product Development, leadership at Zorang have been at the forefront of tackling this challenge. By using repeatable deployment/ maintenance models, cloud integration technologies and automation, fine-tuned to customers’ requirements, Zorang is providing flexible managed cloud deployment solution stacks of the best of breed business solutions.

Founded in 2014, Zorang is competent in leveraging cloud technologies to deliver fruitful results for its customers. As a comprehensive ECM solution provider, Zorang delivers end-to-end integrated content solutions for digital experience and commerce, helping businesses to leverage their ECM investments by driving efficiencies through Zorang’s simplified deployment model. “Zorang provides cloud integration solutions that reduce integration costs between customer’s cloud and legacy on-premise systems,” says Sumit Kapoor, Managing Partner, Zorang.

Driven by the vast experience in all aspects of ECM, Zorang works closely with organizations, providing them business analysis and strategy to zero in on the best ECM solution aligned to their client’s business needs. With expertise in Enterprise Content Management (ECM) including Product Information Management (PIM), Product Content Management (PCM), Digital Asset Management (DAM), eCommerce, and integration, Zorang helps its customers choose the right business solution(s). The company takes an end-to-end approach overseeing selection, implementation, and maintenance of the solution. “Through our vast experience in all areas of ECM, we are very well positioned to make informed product recommendations to our clients.”

Zorang provides cloud integration solution that reduces integration costs between customer’s cloud and legacy on-premise systems

Zorang works closely with ECM solutions from companies such as Akeneo, Adobe, OpenText, etc. The company simplifies the integration of these solutions into client environments through its expertise with cloud integration technologies such as Jitterbit, IBM, Dell and Mulesoft.

“We’ve been working closely with vendors like IBM and Jitterbit to adapt the solutions to our customer’s requirements,” says Kapoor.

Zorang’s comprehensive ECM solutions focus on end-to-end integrated content solutions for digital experience and commerce. Its partnership with Product Information/ Content Management (PIM) solution vendor, Akeneo, with over 50,000 deployments, helps marketing editors to enrich and take control of content editing process freeing up valuable IT resources to focus on the mission critical systems. The solution is designed to address the real time demands, bringing greater value to the product information by freeing up users from relying on legacy methods such as spreadsheets.

Legacy integration stacks are very expensive to deploy, maintain and manage. Zorang wants to be the go-to partner for businesses that wish to upgrade, so they can grow into multiple sales channels and increased revenue, but that also need support through the transition.

“We are excited about the future of ECM, and want to address every component of the ECM stack,” states Kapoor. “We want to be the go to partner for customers and help with their success while at the same time maximizing efficiencies and containing costs which is the core value proposition of ECM in the cloud.”


Danville, CA

Sumit Kapoor, Managing Partner

Zorang is a complete ECM solution provider focusing on end to end integrated content solutions for digital experience and commerce