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Aaron Weber, CEO
About ten years ago, a group of senior level consultants branched out on their own and created what is now WebTek Consulting. Their goal was to reestablish the culture of their company and move with the ECM marketplace.

A small firm with good familiarity with Fortune 1000 companies, WebTek Consulting has keen insight in the rigors and responsibilities that go into managing content. “We have the experience to review and understand complex content management proposals and requirements, with the added benefit of being able to reach into the proposals and draw out additional guidelines that clients may have missed,” begins Aaron Weber, CEO, WebTek Consulting.

WebTek Consulting differs from competitors with their nimble approach to the market. They monitor and validate trends in the marketplace and apply them quickly, with an efficiency and rapidity that most larger companies can’t bureaucratically manage with the same level of accuracy. WebTek Consulting is primarily founded and built on very senior level consulting expertise. Their countless hours in the field allows them to internally validate market trends and other extenuating factors, and then take that information to their customers and externally validate it. “WebTek Consulting has the technical expertise necessary to make necessary changes nimbly,” adds Weber.

The service that WebTek Consulting provides stands apart from other vendors. Their latest innovation, EveryDoc, leveraged the Content Management Interoperability Services (CMIS) open standard to consolidate different vendors and repositories in one client solution. “Users easily become frustrated with the different client interfaces, even though many of them are web browsers,” he comments. “Instead of having to know what type of content solution they must interact with, it all works the same to users because the client makes the back end provider virtually irrelevant.”

With EveryDoc, WebTek Consulting can bridge the gap. EveryDoc provides knowledge workers easy access to content that may be housed in several different technologies—SharePoint, Documentum and Alfresco, for example—so that they can search across all content and see it all in one place.

EveryDoc provides knowledge workers easy, consistent, consolidated access to content that may be housed in several different technologies

EveryDoc has received excellent reviews for the way it makes it easy with a single interface to interact with a large amount of content. WebTek Consulting consolidated it all into one easy to use interface and tucked it into Microsoft Office.

WebTek’s senior experience has satisfied many customers. A Fortune 500 company was once having trouble managing legal documents between sites and transferring information back and forth to attorneys. It was a difficult process that required shipping boxes of folders both nationally and internationally. WebTek Consulting designed a repository for them with an accurate structure so the documents could be ingested into the global repository and become easily searchable and indexed appropriately for ease of use, as well as building a management process to deal with the physical documents. “Within 18 months of implementing our strategy, the company’s ROI had gained by 118 Percent,” says Weber.

WebTek Consulting has big plans for EveryDoc. It allows additional flexibility and marketplace expansion by incorporating vendors, such as IBM and Box, and they are expecting expansion within the 2017-2018 timeframe. “This exciting new technology is paving the way of the future in a world where most companies are overwhelmed with the task of managing the huge volume of content within their enterprise,” he adds. In this, WebTek Consulting has the advantage. The company will continue moving forward, constantly learning, and looking forward to the next step in the projects that they are working on.

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Aaron Weber, CEO

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