Wazee Digital: End-to-End Content Management

Harris Morris, Chairman & CEO
Wazee Digital’s unique evolution brought them from being a licensing company to one of the most trusted cloud asset management platforms in the world. Over 300,000 satisfied customers attest to the richness of Wazee Digital Core’s robust platform. Among these customers are the NCAA and Sony. “Users who are looking for an asset management platform for greater control, visibility, and responsible distribution of content to their target audience are guided by Wazee Digital’s experienced team to help them build accessible platforms in a friendly and creative way,” states Harris Morris, Chairman and CEO, Wazee Digital. They gained their advantage early by developing a cloud-native architecture that made it easy to support both licensing and data management, all before “the cloud” was even a phrase.

The company’s exposure to the world’s highest valued media companies provides the Core product team with insight into the market. Using this information provides them with the ability to reach customers’ target markets and implement creative solutions to challenges across all spectrums.

Wazee Digital’s unique service makes it possible to archive years’ worth of data on a single platform, just as they were able to do while working with the rich history of documenting the comprehensive Charlie Rose website. “The Charlie Rose Show needed a home for all videos, interviews, and information, as well as a place that could follow the show as it continued to run,” says Morris. They found their match with Core.

Wazee Digital also specializes in digital asset management technology and offers users Live Event Services that capture and produce moments in real time and publish them immediately for long-term access. With Live Event Services, users are more quickly able to increase revenue and monetize the content that they are posting.

Wazee Digital provides content licensing that streamlines the monetization of customer footage and enables revenue streams to benefit the user. With their world-leading research and clearance capabilities, Wazee Digital rises to the challenge of balancing permissions and restrictions so that content can be fully monetized without compromising security.

We have a deep understanding of how customers monetize content to provide the crucial service of allowing users to save money and implement revenue-generating strategies

One of Wazee Digital’s primary strengths is their understanding of metadata and search-and-discover technology. Automated metadata allows users to maintain full control over their searches without having to invest too much time into organization and maintenance of the metadata. “A deep understanding of file-based, time code, and frame-based metadata enables the discovery of single moments in a large amount of content,” adds Morris. They can be used for making promos, trailers, and highlights to put out on social, digital, and OTT platforms, or tailoring the content for a local market.

Wazee Digital believes in managing the highest-quality resolution of content and keeping up with the different broadcast standards around the world. “We have a deep understanding of how customers monetize content to provide the crucial service of allowing users to save money and implement revenue-generating strategies,” states Morris. These are mission-critical for things like selling, marketing, transforming, producing, and creating content for global delivery. At the same end, Core also creates parent-child relationships with metadata to keep content together during the search and discovery process.

The Wazee Digital team runs on the deep belief in operating an agile organization that is quick to understand and adjust to the market. The company strives to go beyond simple software development and bring nimble, robust thinking, rapid insights and responses, and quick data to users.

Wazee Digital

Denver, CO

Harris Morris, Chairman & CEO

Develops scalable solutions that provide complete control over content so that assets reach their rightful audiences around the globe

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