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Donny Barstow, President
Paperwork is both the foundation and frustration of business and government processes. MCCi provides solutions to replace paper-based procedures and improve efficiency, productivity, and organization across enterprises. Founded in the 2001, MCCi initially partnered with Laserfiche to serve its parent company’s (Municode’s) primary customers, which were city/county government agencies. Ever since, MCCi has been a leading ECM consulting firm and has expanded to all levels in the public and commercial sectors.

“MCCi is the largest provider of Laserfiche services in the world. We have close to 1,000 clients. Through our solutions, we can minimize paper-based, redundant practices that emerge from the very beginning and streamline them efficiently,” says Donny Barstow, President, MCCi.

For many CIOs of companies that do business with MCCi, integration is the key behind successful document management and business process management practices. “The customers we serve do not want to maintain 50 different systems. They’d like to have one platform where they can do majority of their automation and record keeping, while still integrating with key main line of business systems. They too see ECM as the answer to reduce the number of current and future information silos, departmental process automation systems, and for extending their largest main line of systems to do more. The ability to do this with a common platform is where most IT Leaders see tremendous value in a robust ECM solution and ECM consulting partner,” adds Barstow.

Above all, MCCi focuses on the customer’s needs, before suggesting any product. “Sometimes we spend days on sites to just review our customers’ current systems and determine where we can add benefit,” Barstow explains.

In one instance, a State Health and Human Services Agency approached MCCi as the state agency’s employees had to go through an annual healthcare re-enrollment process and select their options.

“Our solution enabled all those documents to be electronically captures and batch processing and integration; our technology helped automatically update the state agency’s database with the new information.

Our solutions guarantee our clients to have an integrative approach throughout their document management procedures

This helped the client avoid manual processes and annual expenditure worth $300,000 towards its temporary workers,” says Barstow.

Aside from transforming customers’ document management quandaries, MCCi believes that training clients to use their systems is also important. The company also holds educational webinars for its clients and on-site user groups about best practices throughout the year.

Since its foundation, MCCi has delivered stellar customer service and boasts a 99 percent customer retention rate. “We don’t just want to date our clients from a business perspective, we want to continue to be their partner and help meet their long-term goals,” adds Barstow.

In addition to being the Largest Laserfiche ECM Provider in the world, one of the firm’s flagship products, JustFOIA is a tracking solution that captures record requests from the public. “The government agencies are required to respond within a certain amount of time, and there’s a lot of litigation that can happen if they do it wrong. JustFOIA caters to the responding agency’s needs,” he says.

In the future, MCCi plans on increasing cloud, mobility, and big data. “We will be working with more enterprise-level customers across all verticals and expand our presence in the SLED market,” beams Barstow. “Also the company is geared to adhere to the new trend where IT departments are becoming more analytical and process driven, and we will become more of an extension of their team.”

MCC Innovations

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Donny Barstow, President

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