Jorsek LLC: Developers of the easyDITA CCMS Leveraging DITA to Drive Collaboration

Patrick Bosek, Co-founder
The Jorsek that Co-founders Patrick Bosek and Casey Jordan launched in 2005 is not exactly the same company that exists today. In the years since its inception, the company has evolved from a web development business into a company that is now better known by the name of its sole product, easyDITA—a Component Content Management System (CCMS) that enables non-technical users to efficiently create, manage, store, and publish content.

By shifting the company’s focus to developing the CCMS platform, Bosek and Jordan found their niche and elevated their company to profitability. According to Bosek, one key to their product’s success is the open source Darwin Information Typing Architecture (DITA) upon which it was built. “For the past six to seven years, we have been working primarily to evolve easyDITA and build a customer base. And we have been getting to know people in the DITA space,” says Bosek.

easyDITA includes a standard word-processing interface, with extensive DITA-based features built in. The intuitive interface makes it easy for writers and content managers to author, publish to multiple channels, search, and translate DITA-formatted content. Powerful collaboration tools provide for efficient participation between teams. Bosek cites ease of use and power as the factors that make easyDITA standout among its competitors.

“The idea behind easyDITA’s system is right in the name,” states Bosek. “The first part is ease of use. We are trying to put together a holistic system that makes it easy for anybody to author, manage, and create open source semantic content. The power in our software is enabling people to create DITA structured content. Instead of your organization having to learn a vendor’s format, you can share an open standard specification so that all the systems within an organization can work with your content. In the end, people spend less time thinking about formatting and structure and more time thinking about creating and leveraging their content, which is what you want them to be doing.”

The power in our software is enabling people to create DITA-structured content with all its inherent benefits

Through API-based connectors, easyDITA connects with, Antenna House, DITA - Open Toolkit, MindTouch, Oxygen, WordPress, SuiteHelp Publishing, XTM, Moodle (Via SCORM), and Delta XML, with more connectors planned for 2017. “We spend a significant amount of our money on innovation,” adds Bosek about improving the platform. “There are a lot things that can be done with our product to continue improving the value proposition that we currently offer—automation, information, publishing connections, and efficiency around publishing—to make content creation and management as efficient as possible.”

easyDITA satisfies the content creation, management, and distribution needs of a diverse range of industries, including hardware, software, healthcare, learning companies, standards organizations, non-profits, public sector organizations, insurance, finance, and accounting. And as Bosek points out, the company’s growing customer bases are not limited to the U.S.

“We are looking to grow our presence in Europe over the course of 2017 and 2018. We have customers in Europe now, but we are looking to expand that footprint. Europe is a bit of a different market, with a heavier focus on translation and managing that process. easyDITA does that well today, as we have set up integrations and partnerships to make that easier.”

When asked about how the company benefits from personality traits he and his co-founder bring to the table, Bosek states, “I think we both share a love for the detailed innovation process, the idea of taking something and shaping it to be the best solution available for a particular purpose.”

Jorsek LLC

Rochester, NY

Patrick Bosek, Co-founder

The publisher of easyDITA, an end-to-end solution for collaboratively authoring, managing, and publishing content using the DITA XML standard

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