INCATech: Unlocking Spatial Attributes of Content

Liliana A. Freedman, President & CEO
The changing face of the web and web applications space to include social media and an expectation of spatial awareness has created an opportunity for Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions to innovate multi-channel content distribution, user personas and campaign solutions in dramatically new ways. Companies are quickly realizing the importance that wide ranging metadata (including location) is having on content creation, data management, tooling and scaffold development as well as the emerging requirements for advanced meta data administration. Reston, VA based INCATech has responded to this opportunity by creating solutions that fulfill the needs for both data consumption and content production. Users often expect the interface for editing and administering data to be as intuitive and effective as it is for the applications it supports. “We provide ECM solutions empowering content owners with advanced interface and data management tools,” explains Liliana A. Freedman, President and CEO, INCATech.

INCATech helps Federal agencies meet their mission requirements to provide content management services to citizens and their internal workforce. To carry out this mission, the company provides a complete range of system development and customized life-cycle support services necessary to develop and enhance ECM, web-enabled applications, and tools. Users can continuously integrate enhancements, perform regression testing, and then automatically deploy the candidate release into a QA environment for acceptance testing. “We use the Scaled Agile Framework and follow both ISO 9001:2015 and CMMI DEV Level 3 maturity processes.” Using the company’s ECM solutions, agencies can modernize their implementation of enterprise content governance and delivery for both internal and external stakeholders. “This provides an essential focal point for making the critical decisions needed for branding, platforming, site and sub-site architecture, target audiences, monitoring, data and analytics, DevOps, and everything in between,” elaborates Liliana.

Liliana believes INCATech’s core differentiator is allowing customers to participate in all the processes carried out by the company and the way they use data for decision making to boost transparency.

We are working on fusing the technical disciplines of ECM, Big Data, and GIS to deliver breakthrough results for Federal agencies

The company has carved a niche in the ECM domain by adopting the US Digital Services Playbook to assist a number of federal agencies with enterprise web content management. INCATech recently rescued a failed Federal ECM program while providing extensive user communication, education, and engagement to develop real partnerships with four user communities. “We brought forth proven tools and techniques to enable collaborative decision making, a continuous build process, and provide full transparency into the software engineering process. We are now modernizing that same system with advanced Geospatial capability,” says Liliana.

INCATech’s ECM solutions are now unlocking and enabling spatial attributes of the content being managed via INCATech’s deep expertise in Enterprise Geospatial Solutions. “We use the leading GIS products to bring dynamic mapping, data visualization, and deep analytics to both the content as well as the meta-data within the CMS,” states Liliana. Further, INCATech has developed a set of tools for mapping, manipulating, and transforming the content repositories of ECM systems. “These tools are used by our engineers to perform complex implementations, content migrations, data ingest and transformation tasks, at unprecedented speed and efficiency and extremely low error rates.”

Treading ahead, INCATech will leverage the combined benefits of ECM, big data analytics and Geospatial Information Systems (GIS) to manage the growing amount of data. “In the coming year, we plan to demonstrate to several of our Government customers the breakthrough operational results that can be achieved when fusing these three disciplines,” concludes Liliana.


Reston, VA

Liliana A. Freedman, President & CEO

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