DocLogix: Flexible Still Affordable Documents and Processes Management

Aurimas Bakas, Chairman of the Board
In 2003, DocLogix emerged. They started out with a powerful platform right from the beginning. Now, DocLogix has over 13 years of experience working with documents and process management of information, including management of electronic records. Since their arrival on the market, the company has expanded to 12 countries and is currently working on broadening their market in the U.S. and Canada. Customers distinguish DocLogix as crucial platform within the companies which manages structured and unstructured information and connects other business management systems, such as ERP, CRM. While developing a product DocLogix’s team takes special considerations end users and administrators. They provide administrators with user friendly environment to configure workflows, adjust forms without any programming. So that customers are able to adjust the system according to the changing business environment during the time. “Users specifically want to manage everything easily whereas end administrators don’t want the fuss of long-term customizations or a high budget solution,” says Aurimas Bakas, Chairman of the Board, DocLogix.

For end users, DocLogix supplies a set of applications (store), with multitudes of applications to choose from, including contracts management, machine maintenance, inventory management, HR management, time-management, project management and many other applications. “End users want a solution that exists today that they can try right here, right now, and make a decision if they want to buy it or not,” states Bakas.

Customer satisfaction is of utmost important to DocLogix. “We earn a lot of air miles to see customers face to face,” says Bakas. If there is something we do not have as an app yet, the partners stationed in the countries where DocLogix operates get involved and work together for creating the solution according to the local requirements. For people who are content with box solutions, the app store comes in handy. Customers looking for something more customized are met with an enthusiastic and capable project team.

Canadian companies find DocLogix very attractive because the specific manufacturing related apps such as machine maintenance, inventory management, ISO management

Today DocLogix focuses primarily on Manufacturing and Financial sectors. Usually, customers start with office documents management app which contains all the key functions built into the platform. This provides users with the opportunity to do several things, including collecting and storing documents, registering incoming and outgoing documents, locating information, controlling versions, building workflows, adjusting forms and etc. From there, they have access to applications that are built on the platform and offered at a price that is considered great on the market. “For instance, Canadian companies find DocLogix very attractive because of the specific manufacturing sector related apps. Apps such as machine maintenance, inventory management, ISO management reveals feasible benefits straightaway,” adds Bakas.

“We localize a number of different applications to different countries,” says Bakas. The company serves customers through the partner network andworks together with business partners to build new applications for the specific overseas markets. New areas of focus include innovations in cloud technology reveals Bakas. “I saw the potential. I saw a great product. We had built it in a unique way by visualizing our channel, and how it can grow in U.S. and Canadian markets. That’s exactly what we have delivered,” says Bakas. “The personalities collected here are achievers. They want to build something that is great. And that’s exactly what we have done.”


London, UK

Aurimas Bakas, Chairman of the Board

Provides an adaptable, configurable, document and business process management solution