Zaizi: Navigating the Content Explosion with Open Standards for the New Digital Age

Aingaran Pillai, CEO
The operational landscape in which organizations find themselves has changed out of recognition in the past 25 years and with increasing urgency in the last ten. Driven by high speed internet, mobile devices and cloud computing, a new generation of disruptive businesses has sprung up while existing enterprises must change their business and operational models to meet the challenges of the new digital age. For the technologies that address these issues, nowhere is this more evident than in Enterprise Content Management (ECM), a sector that has remained largely unchanged since its inception in the 1990’s. Content and data have exploded, in volume, size and type - notably video - which is typically dispersed and often lacks governance.

We develop business led and technically innovative solutions to manage growing complexity, redefine business processes and deliver performance improvement to our customers

“Today,” observes Stephen McLoughlin CEO of Zaizi, “we live and work in a rapidly changing and heterogeneous content world.” Making sense of and bringing order to, that world is Zaizi’s objective. “We develop business led and technically innovative solutions to manage this growing complexity redefine business processes and deliver performance improvement to our customers,” says McLoughlin.

Founded in 2007, Zaizi is a herald for the new age. From the outset the company has led with the adoption of the Alfresco open source content management platform, Activity for defining business processes and Drupal for user experience.
“Open standards and application programming interfaces (APIs),” explains McLoughlin, “are the defining attributes easing integration, avoiding vendor lock in and innovating constantly.”Zaizi’s solutions range from the basic- storing, digitizing and digitally managing content to designing workflow, easy records management and secure internal and external collaboration with hybrid cloud.

The company offers a social intranet solution designed to promote participation, improve interaction and encourage knowledge sharing.And in Sensefy Zaizi is developing a sophisticated, open and innovative search solution to unite, enrich and mine content wherever it is stored.

Zaizi has worked with customers and clients in a range of sectors including financial services, healthcare, and local government. Recently the company has found itself working on major transformational projects in UK central government which faces the twin challenges of digital change and spending constraints. For one department seeking to decentralize the administration of its funding and reporting for nearly 7,000 organizations in its first phase-without increasing overhead, Zaizi designed and built a self service portal, which allows the easy exchange of information at reduced cost. At another the challenge was a large legacy records management migration coupled to a roll out of Alfresco for 4,000 users, involving the abandonment and migration of shared drives to the content management system, and providing secure external collaboration. This project also entailed Zaizi managing the transition to a secure private cloud and providing a managed service to the department, while reducing the cost of the service to the customer by over 40 percent.

"Helping private and public organisations flourish in the new digital age is our mission," comments McLoughlin. By focusing on customer need, innovation and technical excellence the company looks to build on its established reputation and expertise.

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Aingaran Pillai, CEO

Specializes in open source enterprise content management solutions.