World Software: Managing Content through Hybrid Solutions

Ray Zwiefelhofer President
Adoption of content management solutions and document imaging technology is drastically escalating in the Enterprise Content Management (ECM) market today. While collaboration is one of the key aspects in ECM, currently, organizations face problems in managing the sheer volume of daily content and effectively getting it into the Document Management System (DMS). To eliminate this challenge and manage the overwhelming data, organizations need to opt for the right kind of cloud or hybrid software solution. “Having organized and secured clients’ documents for decades, World Software provides document management and cloud solutions to effectively manage content such as documents, emails, and scanned files,” says Ray Zwiefelhofer, President, World Software.

Based in Glen Rock, NJ, World Software focuses on delivering reliable, cost-effective, and comprehensive ECM systems to clients. “While the company has traditionally served on-premise installations for clients, it evolved according to the market trends and adopted cloud and hybrid solutions,” remarks Zwiefelhofer.

World Software’s flagship product, Worldox GX4, offers an Active Profiling capability along with a re-designed user interface and the functionality to provide dynamic content management, enabling employees to save and retrieve document efficiently. Through this solution, clients are able to obtain documents and accurately file it to allow efficient management, retrieval, and collaboration around the content. The Active Profiling technology takes the clients’ recent/ historical filing attributes and ensures that the documents are immediately available so that new content is filed rapidly; in some cases, without any manual entry of metadata.

Additionally, the company offers Worldox GX4 Cloud to offload the hardware and support requirements for law firms that are now slowly moving their content into a managed cloud provider’s data center.“For these firms to benefit from the features of both on-premise system and cloud, World Software provides a Worldox cloud/hybrid solution, while managing the entire infrastructure, security, and backend for clients,” delineates Zwiefelhofer.
The company offers customers and prospects three options the clients can implement Worldox in their data centers or in World Software’s data centers or, “they can choose a hybrid where the customers can utilize our cloud technology in their data centers to allow more efficient experiences for remote offices and mobile workers,” he adds.

“Through our worldwide network of over 300 resellers, our company closes deals with over 30 new customers per month,” informs Zwiefelhofer. In one instance, Woods Aitken, a mid-sized law firm, which has used Worldox since 1999, expanded their operations to additional offices that had less than optimal internet bandwidth. The client deployed Worldox cloud/hybrid solution that enabled them to efficiently collaborate on their documents without additional infrastructure upgrades.

Besides, through a strategic partnership initiative with Canon USA, Canon created the “Scan to Worldox App” embedded in all Canon imageRunner Multi-Function Printers (MFPs). This new technology allows users to access favorite and recent matters in Worldox and file scanned documents quickly and accurately.

While the company has traditionally served on-premise installations for clients, it evolved according to the market trends and adopted cloud and hybrid solutions

To thrive in the rising competition, the company pursues four key differentiators—design effective product, offer support and help desk to clients, provide solution bundles through partnerships, and extend Worldox’s innovation to the new mobile workforce. In the upcoming year, the company has plans to extend its cloud offerings to Europe. “From a product strategy, we will continue to add additional features to Worldox to meet our customers’ ever changing needs,” concludes Zwiefelhofer.

World Software Corporation

Glen Rock, NJ

Ray Zwiefelhofer President

Provides document management and cloud solutions to manage content such as documents, emails, and scanned files effectively.