VerseOne: Transforming Business Content

Alan Neilson, Founder & Executive Chairman
An empty search bar holds limitless possibilities, but how do you make sure your messages cut through all the online noise and reach your audience? VerseOne is transforming web content to the next level making it easier to “sift through the jungle of web content” and get relevant content to each individual searching.

VerseOne offers products and solutions for a wide range of companies, organizations, and public entities, transforming their website or internal intranet to provide a streamlined solution that is beautifully designed and easy-to-use. Whilst there are countless content management solutions, Alan Neilson, Founder and Executive Chairman of VerseOne believes they are different because they provide more than other platforms on the market, this is focused around their founding principles; the three Ps: Platform, People and Process.

The company always begins with the customer requirements—a process that Neilson refers to as “information architecture (IA).” He states, “It’s about presenting the right con tent in the right way to the right user.” IA consultants work with in-house designers, copywriters and video animators to create an entire content strategy for the project. This Site Specification is signed off by the customer, and then passed to the Front-end Developers to build the project onto the VerseOne CMS platform.

Project development at VerseOne follows a content-centric process that perfectly aligns the content strategy with the product, the people, and the entire methodology behind the system.

The VerseOne platform covers the entire scope of web design and content management—including content management (CMS), customer relationship management (CRM), stakeholder relationship management (SRM), employee portals and collaborative workspaces (intranet), media management, online forms, workflows, and secure portals.

“Dreaming about the best platform without the tools is like dreaming about dinner with no ingredients,” notes Neilson. The VerseOne Content Management platform combines a robust framework with a series of integrated modules—all of which work seamlessly together—to deliver the capability to create, publish, share, access, and transfer content.
Because VerseOne CMS supports multiple sites, the original content only needs be created and validated once: in this way, VerseOne CMS saves time, and eliminates inaccuracies and inconsistencies caused by duplication. “Our customers have our one platform so there is one set of training, one method of understanding, but also one set of content created once and shared endlessly,” Neilson explains.

Neilson is passionate about the people he employs at VerseOne. “I think we have some amazing people that really engage with the customer in the right way.” With a variety of module solutions, every product provided by VerseOne is customized to the individual customer. Because this is not a cookie-cutter solution or a one-size-fits-all product, each customer is treated individually, and the product is molded to fit into their organization seamlessly. “We’ve never tried to be one thing for all people,” says Neilson. “We come up with innovative solutions and services to help their business be better.”

The latest platform from VerseOne is the Vocoll Suite, which drives increased productivity through intelligent content aggregation, communication, and collaboration. According to Neilson, the future lies for the enterprise goes beyond the vital function of content management.

VerseOne is a series of modules that work seamlessly together to offer the capability to create, publish, share, access, and transfer content

“Enterprise-level companies have under¬stood and embraced the creation and manag¬ment of content. The future for VerseOne lies in helping our customers to understand how they can use the principles of social software to devolve content curation, and to use social workspaces to collaborate, leverage and transform that content into meaningful communication.”


Woking, England

Alan Neilson, Founder & Executive Chairman

Helping customers realize the full value of business content by transforming it into meaningful and personalized information.