Primero Systems: Content Management for Maximizing Web Presence – the Franchise, Multi-site Brand Challenge

Steve Press, President
Today’s businesses have high expectations when it comes to managing content. According to Steve Press, President of Primero Systems, “Content management is no longer considered a static activity in which content is simply presented once then you’re done. Instead, it’s about guiding buyers through a journey. In fact, the top priority for 86 percent of CMOs is to create a customer-centric strategy– providing buyers with relevant content based on an unlimited set of criteria that is reactive to their needs and wants.”

Two of the biggest challenges in content management today are the ability to maintain brand control for companies that have multiple sites and the ability to adapt content to mobile form factors. One such company addressing these issues head-on is Primero Systems.

For more than two decades, San Diego-based Primero has helped businesses achieve their goals through the power of software – with custom¬ers spanning a broad array of markets, from healthcare to franchise and travel. The company’s mobile-friendly Web content management system (CMS) solution, Webtreepro, is geared toward franchises, associations and other multi-site businesses. Webtree¬pro allows these companies to instantly publish relevant content to multiple websites – “one-to-many” – at the same time, thereby maximizing their overall Web footprint, local search visibility, and lo¬cal relevance. Built with Software-as-a- Service (SaaS) architecture, “Webtreepro does not require participation from the IT side – marketing can run with it without any need for technical competency,” states Press.

Webtreepro establishes role-based levels of content editors and workflow permissions, enabling the selective publishing of content across a network of websites—partial or full page—to support global and local marketing strategies. With automated start and stop dates for promotions, Webtreepro can schedule content for publishing. Additionally, analytical and reporting tools integrated within the platform help customers easily launch, measure and analyze performance.
Because Webtreepro is completely cloud based, it is accessible from any device such as a desktop computer, tablet or smartphone–and its responsive design enables the content to be viewed as it was intended on each mobile device. End users can update any element of the site– such as copy content and paste images– without any programming skills.

We offer a granular level of control for permissions, sharing, and syndicating the content

“We offer a granular level of control for permissions, sharing, and syndicating the content,” says Press. “The flexibility to customize even the smallest content differentiates us from our competitors.” Borrowing from its roots in custom software, Primero can tailor Webtreepro to help customers through the total life cycle of their project, from conception to execution. This approach integrates technology, user-friendliness, and business proficiency to provide a superior, alternate solution for marketers seeking to maximize brand presence throughout a network of websites.

As an example, one of Primero’s long-time travel agency customers was seeking to maintain their website content with full inventory, collaboration, and social modules, which were essential to run their back-end operations. By using Webtreepro, the customer could offer a professional Web presence to their franchise agencies, while maintaining brand control, centralized content management, and integration with travel booking engines.

Moving forward, Primero plans to venture beyond its CMS solution to introduce a marketing application platform with social collaboration for multi-site companies as well as marketing automation pieces such as e-mail marketing, CRM module and robust analytics. “This will enable a one-stop shop that will provide a full view of the enterprise and all its locations from a single point of view, rather than pulling together a bunch of disparate applications,” concludes Press.

Primero Systems

San Diego, CA

Steve Press, President

Primero Systems brings seriously powerful, yet elegant Web content management to franchises and multi-site companies.

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