Image API: Leveraging the Power of Data Automation

Dan Nellius, CEO
With changing regulations, fragmented legacy systems, and outdated technology, building a business on Enterprise Content Management (ECM) doesn’t seem like a winning strategy. Often, ECM implementation and maintenance is expensive and requires new technologies to operate and respond to challenges.

However, organizations look for solutions that are simple, definable, and use a lean development process with cost-effective methodologies. Enter Image API—offering cost-efficient ECM solutions that are easy to configure, implement, integrate, modify, and support. “We provide solutions that are complementary to other systems, while providing a proven path to ECM consolidation,” says Dan Nellius, CEO, Image API.

Today, most companies strive to reduce and consolidate multiple solutions, while addressing the significant gap in content automation and integration of records management systems. Image API remedies this disconnect with Axiom Pro, their cloud-based enterprise content management system that is exceptionally quick to implement, scalable, and fully configurable. “We offer mobile solutions on a SaaS or licensed model providing our clients with options today and for the future,” adds Nellius.

Designed around the common regulatory challenges faced by organizations, Axiom Pro has security features that restrict content to authorized users and provide access monitoring on a real-time or periodic basis. Smart redaction, workflow automation, and retention management capabilities are some of its key features. “Image API has developed comprehensive integration features—API, web services, and plugin support—that allow Axiom Pro to complement existing line-of-business applications,” explains Nellius.

Image API is providing affordable and comprehensive solutions to all levels of government. “We have compelling products and offerings that address Child Nutrition Services, Medical Quality Assurance, Travel Expense and Reimbursement Management, Business Process Outsourcing services for Health and Human Services Eligibility, Licensing Programs, and Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) Management,” describes Nellius.

We offer mobile solutions on a SaaS or licensed model providing our clients with options today and for the future

Nellius’s go-getter spirit, as evidenced by years of competing as a triathlete in various Ironman races, helps him to challenge conventional approaches and practices mart leadership. “Unlike our counterparts, we don’t focus on competition, but instead we focus on our client’s issues and on best-in-class solutions to address their challenges. We believe in a ‘coopetition’ model where the sole focus is exceeding client’s needs and objectives,” he points out.

To reflect Image API’s expertise, Nellius details their experience with the Florida Department of Health (DOH). For more than 15 years, DOH has been using the first generation of the Axiom Pro system. Additionally, Image API also developed an electronic agenda application that enables department staff to build and view digital agendas and content—thus eliminating the painstaking manual processes. “Built on the Axiom Pro foundation, the agenda applications support all aspects of scheduling meetings, managing agendas, importing images, audio, video and Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine files, and generating redacted agendas for public consumption,” states Nellius.

At Image API, innovation is that which improves customer productivity. “We make annual investments in four dimensions— People, Process, Products, and Technology,” adds Nellius. Slated for 2016, Image API is investing in an end-to-end solution for managing public records requests under the Freedom Of Information Act. The solution handles request management, routing, content capture/management, redaction, approvals, and fulfillment. “This will address a big gap in the market, as these existing solutions are only one-dimensional web portals with no system integration or request fulfillment,” concludes Nellius.

Image API

Tallahassee, FL

Dan Nellius, CEO

Offers highly configurable SaaS ECM solution that optimizes capture, storage and management of digital information with advanced integration capability