CALIBRE Systems, Inc: Secure Access of Content for Efficient Business Operations

Joseph A. Martore President and CEO
There has been an enormous rise in unstructured content in the form of documents, media files, emails and web pages. While the world is excited over the upsurge in available data, organizations are struggling to capture, organize, securely store, and easily access the required content in a timely and cost effective manner. With an aim to provide secure access to content for efficient business operations, CALIBRE Systems, Inc. (CALIBRE) offers information management solutions for Enterprise Content Management (ECM). These solutions reduce cost and produce operational benefits by integrating siloed systems. “We provide trusted support and innovative IT solutions that solve organizations’ most important enterprise content management needs,” said Joseph A. Martore, President and CEO, CALIBRE.

Thorough understanding of the latest in web and mobile technologies, CALIBRE provides industry leading solutions and services, empowering organizations to securely access data when needed, regardless of location or device utilized. “We emphasize providing secure solutions that can be adapted primarily through configuration to address a customer’s business needs,” said Thomas M. Peitler, Vice President & Chief Technology Officer, CALIBRE. “We implement the full range of ECM functionalities and technologies to develop enduring business solutions for our customers.”

In order to make the business processes cost effective, CALIBRE provides product agnostic, compliant solutions in documents, records, and process management technologies. The company enables document use by practitioners, patients, and payers in compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Privacy Rule. CALIBRE also assists the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) with solutions for their customer complaints that comply with applicable financial regulatory requirements.

CALIBRE partners with OpenText Corporation, and provides implementation support and services for Content Server/Livelink and other ECM and Business Process Management (BPM) Suite products. CALIBRE leverages the OpenText platform to help customers convert text documents into all of the major e-reader formats, including Kindle’s proprietary format.

In order to stay ahead in the ECM arena, CALIBRE focuses on responding to customer needs to better understand the customer’s pain points and provides tailored solutions to the customer’s business needs.

We implement the full range of ECM functionalities and technologies to develop enduring business solutions for our customers

“We focus on our customers’ satisfaction, and have seamlessly transcended and navigated through the complexities of the cloud to offer best-in-class enterprise services,” said Martore. “The company’s end-to-end support service provides organizations with reliability and peace of mind, and gives them the ability to focus on business objectives.”

Through access controls and data loss prevention technologies, CALIBRE assists all of its customers in minimizing the risk of sensitive data exposure including Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and business confidential material. The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), a part of National Institutes of Health, desired to replace mountains of paper work with electronic workflows. CALIBRE employs OpenText’s ECM and BPM to fill the customer’s needs and has significantly reduced NIAID’s reliance on paper.

“CALIBRE fields a team of OpenText ECM technologists and IT business analysts with backgrounds in biomedical research to work with NIAID scientists, administrative personnel, and IT specialists in integrated product teams,” explained Peitler. CALIBRE’s expert team enabled NIAID to increase productivity, efficiency and compliance using automated processes, real-time access to information and integration with existing technology.

To further the objective of helping customers, CALIBRE offers their employees and partners mobile device access to documents and collaboration facilities with the assurance of information security achieved through digital rights management and digital loss prevention tools. The company aims to capitalize on new and expanded opportunities in the ECM landscape. CALIBRE is enhancing its ECM services and process solution frameworks to offer more rapid-deployment, configuration-based applications to customers.

CALIBRE Systems, Inc

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Joseph A. Martore President and CEO

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