Anssler Corporation: Balancing Content Creation and Delivery through a Seamless Architecture

David Ressler, Managing Director
With the rapid evolution of technologies, most organizations are struggling with change management, especially within the domain of marketing functions. Often organizations face an imbalance between how marketing content gets created and delivered. The gap of getting the content to the market using a mix of manual functions costs the organizations even more. “This trend is the result of marketing teams’ miscommunication with the internal corporate IT teams,” says David Ressler, Managing Director of Anssler Corporation.

On a different note, creative interfaces have started to become more prominent with the actual content delivery and website delivery architectures. He further adds, “Even while there are a lot of exciting developments in the browser space, there are serious governance, reliability, and performance concerns to consider when the balance goes too heavily toward browser technologies.”

Headquartered in Plano, TX, Anssler Corporation creates a comprehensive strategy and governance by providing content life cycle management, web experience consulting and process improvement for organizations. Anssler also helps organizations to produce a compelling and sustainable content life cycle by identifying gaps in their processes using a reference architecture. Au fond, Anssler’s Content Architecture delivers workflow design, content modeling, and metadata definition which helps client to know ‘how’ content should be managed and published. “This powers the ability of a Web Content Management (WCM) tool to excel at assembling the granular portions of content into a rendered display to the browser.

“Our clients are also given guidance on balancing the toolsets to optimize organizational efficiency,” states Ressler. Anssler’s content lifecycle reference model also highlights corporate functionalities that are happening in the organizational life cycle. “This allows the client to adopt a best of breed implementation plan along with their cost guidelines and also enables them to meet the cost projections afterwards,” adds Ressler.

Anssler covers the full scope of Service- Oriented Architecture (SOA), content, and website architecture.
Anssler is now engaged in migrating and managing client run times on the Amazon cloud, improving search functionality, augmenting digital assets, and developing custom analytics frameworks. From actual functionality to process technology adoption, Anssler also creates customized web content architecture for each customer. “Every corporation is different in how it operates. For instance, a bank website is going to be focused on security and transactions and there are specific areas where a message is allowed, at the same time a hotel will have over 3000 websites subjected to content changes every single day,” explicates Ressler. The content authoring, the delivery architecture, and the processes for review and approval are all created uniquely based on client requirements.

Our clients are also given guidance on balancing their toolsets to optimize organizational efficiency

By extensively reviewing the internal architectures, Anssler facilitates a highly-collaborative and supportive technical environment for its clients. “Most of our innovative concepts come from actual use cases where we identify repeatable patterns and create functionality,” adds Ressler.

For instance, a client from the sports industry approached Anssler with over thousands of images to manage in their website. Anssler worked with them to develop taxonomy of their operations, catalogue the images, found additional descriptive attributes through programmatic means, and store the images into a Digital Asset Management (DAM) system so that they were intuitively retrievable. “This helped the client to produce new advertising and web content at a much higher return rate,” delights Ressler.

For the days ahead, the company is forming partnerships, and expanding their maintenance and support team to provide day-to-day content cycle and implementation services. “We are bringing additional Anssler components focused on cloud adoption to the marketplace,” concludes Ressler.

Anssler Corporation

Frisco, TX

David Ressler, Managing Director

Ansser Corporation provides Content Life Cycle, Web Experience consulting andprocess improvement for organizations.