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Bradley J. Scher, CEO
Enterprise content management is an exploding industry with different types of businesses needing distribution solutions for a variety of content. It is becoming increasingly important to integrate content from multiple providers in a unified display. Modern day CIOs are tasked with empowering individual employees to find and utilize this content in the most productive way possible.

Understanding the digital pipeline is vital when using content from disparate sources. Acquire Media seeks to provide solutions by helping businesses understand every step of content management and how they relate to customer needs. “Over many years, we have compiled a set of modules, libraries, and expertise to help our customers through each step of the process. As such, we serve customers the best way for their particular workflow. For some, it is the end-to-end management of their content distribution needs. For others, they will pick and choose which of our components to integrate. For example, they might only use us for categorization and entity extraction,” says Bradley J. Scher, CEO, Acquire Media. Acquire Media has a robust set of tools that let digital providers manage, add value to, and distribute content easily and more importantly in a way tailored to their business. The company has constructed a flexible, real time delivery system that helps enterprises get content to the right individual at the right time. Scher believes their Syndication Suite is the best solution for content creators. “There is a whole host of businesses that create digital content, and they are experts in their field. They may not necessarily be experts at packaging it or adding the value to it that downstream customers want. We help these digital content providers seamlessly organize, transform, and verify delivery of their product to their customer. With Syndication Suite, content providers can easily create unique content packages and output formats on a customer-by-customer basis.”

Our solutions can be integrated with other solutions.

Acquire Media innovates with its adaptability and unique set of tools that can provide solutions for different business with various content management needs. “Our flexible solutions can be integrated with other solutions.” Acquire Media's focus on customer support also continues to be a hallmark of the company. “We get involved with our customers on a deeper level than most of our competitors. Customers love the experience, and this sets us apart.”

Scher explains how Acquire Media has helped companies like PR Newswire handle content and “create specific channels depending on the venue, and allowing them to transform the same content at delivery time into customer specific formats.”

The result of the process gave the administrators at PR Newswire the ability to easily create new customers/drops, monitor these in real time, and receive regular reports around usage for their vast, real time delivery network. This includes the use of Acquire Media’s patented delivery protocol (AMPS) which guarantees the delivery of each content item to each customer. Scher believes that federated search and data linking is going to be the future. Ultimately, Acquire Media wants to use their data linking technology to bring together and display content in the most useful way possible. “We want to stay ahead of the curve in supplying solutions and expertise that help our customers use content most efficiently.”

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Bradley J. Scher, CEO

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